Saturday, July 2, 2011

:: This Longing

I said I long for my homeland so dearly.

They said I was so baby then, it can't be.

I don't have friends, I don't have memory..

Yes, I agree, they're right. ....Partially...

In this journey, life really flings me into a deep misery.

I feel so alien, no one understands what's in me!!

Try...I try, I really try but still I'm belonged to not here.

Years, decades pass where is my place actually??

Waha Bani, apsaras, Katé, are not the things I should celebrate

It's someones' cloth outside but the blood, hey I'm so Cham inside!

I do fasting during Ramâwan or Ramajan, any problem with that?

I'm 'Cam Ahier' huh? Ah who cares, the towers are too, my pride right?

I was born there, Palei Kaoh... my parents mention the name.

How does it look like, so do Padra, Pabhar, Puk Kin ..Palei Ram?

Bimong Po Klaong, Bimong Po Sah, Po Nager, Po Romé, Po Dam..?

Bal Caong, Cek Cambang, Aia Trang? I'm tired keep imagining them!

Day meets night and night meets day, I'm still in isolation.

I keep my faith still, be determined to fulfill a painful demand.

I, me and my self keep learning in this solitary, it's our passion.

My heart, my soul yell for a return, yell for what are mine.

I'm growing up being a person with heart with love.

All these while, I can't figure out what love can gives.

Now I see love is a trigger, for the desire, a power.

As love presents, I start to trace the track of the older..... step..alone.


It's not nothing for me there, it's my home. I gain the memory from the ancestors, they left us a very valuable sort of knowledge - the language. It's maybe differ due to the geographical and social matters, but it's still our ONE Cham language. Please be in my shoes and try to suffer how hurt I am instead of asking me what do I have in Vietnam...