Sunday, June 16, 2013

:: Personalize

Some people use the term "new" and some other ironically disagree with "new", but use "re-invent" instead. While I prefer "personalize". Each word brings slightly different meaning/s. This is wht we call "mature words" or the definite name is "Balaghah", which leads us to the sweetness of a language.

Again, we dun re-invent Cham script. We personalize it in this modern period of time. Personalizing takes place only when there's ample of information which needs to be structured, so tht it wuld be easy for recognizing n understanding. We study the origins of the information, how it influence other information, n how it transform.

While in the other hand, personally, "new" and "re-invent" are probably an "innovation", which seems "manipulating" some facts to create new facts. This isn't our principle of work. History remains history, future is another thing. "New"/"re-invent" create a state of unclear due to the clash between past n present, which directly making it not understandable. And, the 'less' informed people will straightly believe the 're-invent' thing U bring. Seems not gud for me.

Dun blame people who din undstand U. Check the words U choose, the stretegy U use. Vitally, be sincere, truthful, honest, n clear. Maybe later. Me? I neva care. Coz my work is a lifetime's, n the result is as long as Cham language live. Whether U care or not, isnt in my attention coz I dun do things for myself.

- naiKacua

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