Thursday, December 17, 2009

:: Harei Pagé Raya Patrah

Sap adaoh “cha cha cha” drei di Palei Kur…

~Harei Pagé Raya Patrah~

Harei pagé Raya Patrah

Drei anâk Cam

Kabak lakau ma-aph (a)maik (a)mâ

Brei drei kanal nao waik

Haong (a)maik (a)mâ

Drei (ha)duissa lo lo

Di klak juai semyang

Brei srem mâgru

Brei thau lo (ha)duissa

(U)rang (ha)lei nao ma-aph o

Po binasa

Mada o hu harei siam

“Mba” drei khin siam makrâ

Drei jeng anâk

Mada lac jaik (a)tah o

Brei drei nao nyu hu

Nao lakau ma-aph

Huec Po brei drei siam

Drei nao ma-aph (a)maik (a)mâ

Huec hu siam

Nao jalan akhirat

Ginaop rup umat di klak juai

Nao lakau ma-aph (a)maik (a)mâ

Well...I'm not used to write in Akhar Thrah, plus, I'm confuse with the "balau", the "Mâk" and "Mak".."S1" "S2"..and many more..urrgghhh!! ..So..I did a lot of mistakes....ermm..but..I hd corrected it..then..I put the correct one as a new presentation, which you can see in the pictures above..I hv no mood to edit the video............ Tell me if the correction is still incorrect, thank U. [Arggghh, tension aku!]

This song is cute, and simple. I like it. I want to state my very appreciation to for ..errkk..for many reasons. I have no idea to write anything rite head stucked! Hhhellpp!


Fadilah said...

how to contact you? i still need an assistant on campa language? i asked the book on Kamus campa - english in ur Kamus post? R u malaysian? hw to ctc u? email me pls..

naiCampa said...

Plz email me: