Sunday, December 13, 2009

:: Raksa Rasam Cam

Manyi adaoh ita mâng Nager Kur...

~Raksa Rasam Cam~

Islam ugama bangsa Cam drei

Daok ngap rel harei

Lakei kamei di Palei Kemboja

Ndih sanâng harei malam

Haong sambai senang senia

Hu oh ndail mada

Ugama di klak oh rei

Hukum sah batal halal haram

Taong (a)bih drei Cam

Rel malam ndail klak oh wer

Mbâng huak chung njep

Kayua rup drei thau

Ngap chung drei (ha)der

Lakau ma-aph brei drei siam makrâ

Hukum ngaok kamei

Rel harei tacei pataow

Pambeng huak anâk tacaow

Pamâgru ilimo bac da-a

Chamnék pasang lakei

Rel harei pataow pa(ha)der

Kabak nao duah mbeng

Raong ba anâk tacaow grusa

Khan pataik aw (a)tah

Tambak kama gaom (a)kaok

Cam Kraong Cam Ngaok

Hukum yang sempurna

Lakhah anâk lakhah tacaow

Tuei jalan ugama

Yang sambai suka

Raksa prabini Cam

A video I edited from U-tube, a Cambodian Cam song. Good, but I dun like the melody as I’m not used to Khmer culture. The singer’s pronunciation is more likely to Sihanouk’s tounge. This is juz a comment okay, not a condemn, dun be so tight-minded.

I want to explain the words I’m not following the lyrics given:

1) Rel harei – if we read the old Cam scripts it is “rim harei” but nowadays we used to use “rel harei”. This word is used by the Angiang-PaleiKur Cams… is actually a Cambodian word. So now, try to start using that “rim harei” ok.. =). I kept the word “rel harei” while editing because it had been a Cam word (borrowed of course).

2) Kampujia – it should be in Malay spelling actually, because if U write in English it will be “Cambodia” while in Khmer Language it is “Khmer”, in Cam Language it is “Kur”. So, that “Kampujia” is a Malay word PRONOUNCED by the Cams. That is why I wrote “Kemboja” in Akhar Thrah.

3) “Haong” is correspond to “saong”, many of the Angiang-PaleiKur pronounce “haong”, so I kept that word because it is not a mistake.

4) “Senang senia” – I dun know whether our siblings in Ninh Thuan will understand these words. They are Cam words, the Malays have the same word; “senang” which means “comfort”. Or..we borrowed the word..? I hv no idea.

5) Chung – Cambodian word, refer to Aymonier Dict. pg 138.

6) Maaf – I spelled “maaph” because I dun see the letter “F” in Cam language! Hihihi..

7) Chamnek – this is totally in Cambodian language, I can’t find it in the dictionary, and I never used this word for the rest of my life. Meaning that, I’m a girl who was born in Vietnam and never been to Cambodia, so I never heard it. Malay: pihak, English: party (in group impression, not birthday party!)

8) Gruasa – I dun use this word, but I understand it. I think it is pronounced “grusa” that is why I didn’t use “takai kuak” in Akhar Thrah. Cam: mangawom, Malay: keluarga, English: family.

9) Samfarna – Malay word, “sempurna” actually.

10) “Sabhai” – “sambai”, Cambodian word. Cam: cheh, English: happy

10) Suka – Malay word. I thought this is Cam word before… Cam: takrâ…sambai suka = cheh chai… Wht about “buei baiy” ..???

11) Prabini = ?


Abu said...

Oh! Allah Help!(Most influenced by Islam) But, We should say "Po", no people prefer to use it because they prefer Allah. They think that Allah is the holy word.In fact, in Cham call "Po" means "Allah" in Arab and "God" in English. Hahahah! It might be I am a crazy speaker.
I could not support to the words in the song using. They might be ......
No idea,
anet lanam (anet ranam)
Cham Bani Cambodia

tiong makan enggang said...

I understand all. there is always have some mix with malay language.. most of word are influenced by malay language here.

im cham man.. living in Malaysia. born there "kampong cham". can speak cambodia too.

ur blog is gud,, gud luck.